Ransomware responsible for 25% of breaches

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ransomware protection is held by businessman.

Research has shown that a quarter of all cyberattacks in the UK are the result of a ransomware attack.

The research was carried out by LiveGrid from ESET and suggests that in the third week of April this year ransomware was actually responsible for a third of all breaches in the UK. The recent rise in the number of ransomware attacks is thought to be the result of the JS/Danger.ScriptAttachment code. This tries to both download and install the malware components to the victim’s computer. Then a payment is demanded from the victim using TeslaCrypt before users are allowed access to their own data again.

Industry experts have stated that they are regularly dealing with ransomware incidents and it is only growing. ESET’s security specialist, Ondrej Kubovic, has said that the attackers are doing more to ensure that they reach as many victims as possible. To do this they are sending spam messages to inboxes all over the world. He is advising people to be vigilant about the messages and the attachments that they open.

He is recommending that businesses do more to provide training for employees so they can recognise threats and report them to the relevant people within the organisation. They should also ensure that all operating systems and software are kept up to date. In addition, a good quality security system should be in place and it should be updated regularly. Regular back-ups are also essential as this means that data can be retrieved if anything happens.

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