Streamlining support services

Qubic  supplies the latest Cloud Telephony systems that share the same common network as video and data, allowing staff to work remotely. Centralised facilities such as voicemail, automated messaging, paging and announcements improve communications all round. Voicemail, for example, makes it easier for parents to stay in touch without overburdening the administration staff by providing a dedicated number to report absence; automated messaging can be used to provide regularly requested information such as term dates and inset days.

High-quality workstations and servers running on industry standard Microsoft® Server technology provide academic and support staff alike with functionality including email and Internet access the servers can either be on-site or hosted in the Qubic Cloud giving better resilience, security and reliability. As a Microsoft Partner, Qubic provides and supports popular software such as Microsoft Office 365 as well as specialist software to help, for example, tracking the performance of pupils from KS1 through to KS4 and beyond. In addition to the computer system itself, Qubic can also supply and maintain a full range of accessories such as printers, scanners and digital cameras.

To keep the system secure and assure continuity, a series of measures can be implemented including a secure backup regime, uninterrupted power supply, anti-virus, inappropriate content blocking and professional grade firewall.

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