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Meeting standards for ICT

Qubic recognises the pressures on schools to meet targets and standards laid down by bodies including government agencies. Greater and greater focus is being put on ICT and its use within schools. Best practices are being set out by organisations such as BECTA, the DfES, Ofsted and others. Good deployment and use of ICT is now evaluated as part of your Ofsted report (see the Ofsted report published in 2013 [opens a link in a new window]).

Qubic works with schools to make sure that any ICT installation is specified, designed, installed and maintained to meet the standards laid down. In addition, both initial and ongoing training can be organised to fit with the academic commitments, will make sure that the installed ICT equipment is being used effectively and efficiently by students, academic and support staff. We place a high-priority on safeguarding and will implement systems that ensure inappropriate content is not accessible.

By maximising the benefits derived from ICT and helping you draw up a strategy for the future, Qubic will help make sure you have access to any available funding to help you develop your ICT systems.

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