How to protect your mobile phone data in case of theft

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The Federal Trade Commission has shared some handy data security tips on how to protect your mobile phone data if your device ever gets stolen:

  1. Enable two-step verification

Obviously, this should be done before your phone gets lost or stolen.

  1. Turn on the “find my device” feature

This will help you locate your misplaced device. Both iOS and Android smartphones have a similar feature, which also allows you to erase all data from your phone.

  1. Have a strong password

It should have at least 6 characters. Alternatively, you could use a fingerprint scan or a pattern lock.

  1. Disconnect the accounts

If you believe your smartphone has been stolen, you should unlink any accounts attached to it to protect your personal data.

  1. Notify the carrier

The carrier can then decide to temporarily or permanently disable the SIM card.

  1. Backup your data

Although this won’t prevent your sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands, it will make sure you can access it again.

  1. Monitor the account notifications

That way, you will be able to see if a new device has been attached to one of your accounts or if someone has tried to change your password.

  1. Change your passwords

It’s also a good idea to change your passwords regularly, and this is especially true when your mobile device gets lost or stolen. You shouldn’t wait around for too long to do this, especially if you’re using the same passwords elsewhere, like online banking, email accounts, and social media.

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