Most IT pros fear IoT attacks, yet choose to stay passive

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A new report from Ponemon Research and Shared Assessments indicates that 97 per cent of respondents believe that an IoT attack could have dire consequences for their organisation, yet only 29 per cent are on the lookout for third-party risks.

Additionally, the report revealed:

– 38 per cent of respondents admit that not a single person in their organisation is responsible for reviewing the risk-management policies of third-party vendors.

– 81 per cent agree that a data breach caused by an unsecure IoT device is likely to occur in the next two years.

– 53 per cent mitigate third-party risk through contractual agreements, and only 46 per cent have a policy in place to disable a risky IoT device.

– 49 per cent have no inventory of IoT gadgets in their organisation at all. 56 per cent of respondents don’t track the apps they have installed on these devices.

– Almost half of organisations claim they are checking for IoT risks in their workplace, however, only 29 per cent are actively monitoring for third-party IoT device risks.

– As many as 71 per cent of respondents believe a third-party risk is a serious threat to high value assets, and 60 per cent of them have a third-party risk management program.

– 26 per cent  of respondents admitted they have no clue whether their organisation has experienced a cyberattack involving an IoT device, and 35 per cent don’t know whether it would be possible to detect a third-party cybersecurity breach.

To get the full report, please head on over to Shared Assessments’ official website.

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