Business Continuity

Protecting you against uncertainty

The Issue

A total building failure – fire, flood or explosion – is rare but sadly, a server failure can be all too common an occurrence. Traditional backup relies on copying data files to some form of removable media such as tapes – this puts the onus on individuals to make the backups. Even with a proper back-up regime in place, recovering from server failure can take days – rebuilding a server, installing operating systems and applications, restoring file structures, communications links and data files – it all takes time, time most organisations cannot afford.

Vault, Automated Back-up

Vault is our automated back-up product. Vault customers are supplied with a Vault Storage device that can back-up multiple servers which can be any combination of physical or virtual machines. Software installed on the customer’s servers automatically makes a complete initial image of the server, system and data: at predetermined time intervals, increments and changes are added to the image. Back-up time intervals can be as frequent as every 15 minutes to suit each situation.

In the event of a server failure we will restore the system and data to a fully working server, this can generally be achieved within 24 hours. To provide protection against building failure that results in loss of the Vault Storage device, the complete image can be regularly copied to another location either at a separate site or in one of our datacentres.

Resurrection Server, High Availability

Resurrection Server is our ultimate back-up and business continuity solution. A Resurrection Server is located on-site at the customer premises. A virtualised replica of each server whether it be virtual or physical is created and is updated as frequently as every 15 minutes. In the event of any of the servers failing, the Resurrection Server can take over allowing the business to continue to operate. In the meantime, a new server or instance can be configured: once it’s ready, it resumes the live role and the Resurrection Server reverts to its back-up function.

In addition, the Resurrection Server can be further replicated to a second Resurrection Server at an alternative location or to one of our datacentres to ensure business continuity in the case of a building disaster.

Postmaster, Email Archive and Retrieval

Postmaster can be added to either our Vault or Resurrection Server solutions. Postmaster keeps an indexed archive of all email activity and gives customers the ability to find and retrieve individual emails and attachments or to recover entire mailboxes. Postmaster is useful to most customers but critical to organisations that have a legal obligation to maintain records, in particular legal, medical or financial organisations.