On-site Services

Technology on your premises

Data Networks

Qubic supplies, installs and maintains all elements required to implement a data network. Hardware includes servers, desktop, routers, switches, printers and accessories. Software covers operating systems, security and networked applications. Qubic uses world class vendors for the provision of data network solutions such as Microsoft, HP, Cisco and Sophos.

One of Qubic’s major strengths is the ability to configure an effective and resilient network, based on our understanding of all the elements that combine to create it. In this way, conflicts and other incompatibility issues are avoided.

Qubic is able to supply, install and configure any or all of the components required to implement a corporate data network including:

  • Network planning – by using our knowledege and experience, Qubic is able to design a network configuration which combines the highest level of operational performance with the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO).
  • Servers – from the globally acclaimed HP ProLiant range, covering every requirement from a single small business server to a multi-blade, fully virtualised environment.
  • Server operating systems – Qubic provides the full range of Microsoft servers, including those optimised for large enterprises as well as small business suites. These systems can be set up on traditonal, single-server units or incorporated into more efficient virtual environments by using specialised solutions such as VM-Ware.
  • Network switches – Qubic provides the complete range of HP Networking switches which scale from a few basic ports to many thousands of high-speed ports as well as inter-site links and fibre backbones, supoprting technologies up to 10gb bandwidth.
  • Network routers and firewalls – Qubic provides a range of Cisco routers and firewalls as well as the comprehensive, multi-function security gateways from Zyxel.
  • Desktop and Notebook PCs – we supply PCs from the market leading HP portfolio as well as the award winning Sony Vaio notebooks. Qubic also supplies Macs and iPads and integrates these within shared technology networks.
  • Applications – Qubic supplies a wide range of application software, most notably the Office suites, Project and Visio from Microsoft and imaging software from Adobe.
  • Printing and imaging – Qubic supplies printers, scanners and assoicated products from HP, the acknowledged market leader in this field.

Telephone Systems

In addition to providing IP Telephony solutions on a hosted basis, Qubic also supplies complete systems to companies wishing to implement a localised solution. By partnering with global vendors such as Mitel and Avaya, a comprehensive range of integrated facilities can be provided. All of Qubic’s telephony solutions are ‘SIP ready’ as well as being compatibel with legacy telephone lines. This allows users to share technology or to migrate from one system to another as it becomes appropriate to do so and without additional investment being necessary.

In addition to supporting all mainstream telephone functions, Qubic’s range of IP Telephony solutions provide the following facilities:

  • Data network integration, thereby reducing infrastructure requirements and network management.
  • Contact Centre functionality, allowing flexible and powerful management and reporting within a contact centre environment.
  • Presence, availability and instant messaging, which enhance office productivity and aid customer service.
  • Conference and collaboration options for voice, web and combined.
  • Call recording – a range of options to fulifill archive, compliance and training requirements
  • Remote worker access – working from home or on the move, as if you are in the office.
  • Mobile twinning – allow your mobile phone to become an extension of your office system.
  • Wireless phones, operating on a shared wi-fi network or within a dedicated DECT environment.
  • Wide ranging messaging and attendant options.
  • An extensive range of IP handsets to suit every requirement.