Cloud Telephony

Cloud Telephony delivers significant benefits over traditional telephone systems. Traditional telephone systems involve you having to buy a telephone system (PBX) and put it somewhere on your premises. You will typically have ISDN lines coming into the system, a maintenance agreement with a supplier; you will have to pay call charges and the cost of electricity to keep it running and may need software upgrades from time to time. If you need to expand or add functionality, you may need to buy extra hardware, extra software and extra ISDN lines or even change the system completely.

With a cloud telephony solution from Qubic, all of this hassle goes away.

No capital outlay

Unlike traditional telephone systems there is no upfront investment needed; our cloud telephony is delivered on a pay-monthly basis. Simply decide how many people you need to use the system, what features they need and how they want to work – we’ll work out the monthly cost per person and that’s it.

Save on monthly costs

With traditional on-site telephone systems you will be paying for ISDN and generally have a hardware service contract. With our cloud telephony solution, the system is housed in our cloud datacentre; voice calls are carried to and from the datacentre over any suitable data connection such as business-grade broadband. This means you have no ISDN cost, no maintenance fee and no running costs; the savings generated can often cover the monthly cost of the service.

Never miss a call

Customers with a mobile workforce need a solution to let their employees make and receive calls wherever they are. The Mitel Dynamic Extension solution allows users to select up to eight different devices or numbers to act as their answer point so callers can reach users regardless of which number they call helping improve customer service.

Work anywhere

Hot Desking lets employees log onto any connected phone in any of your offices, at home or even out and about on a softphone. All calls are routed to the device they are logged into; callers are always able to reach them by dialling their office extension.

Virtual office

With cloud telephony, you can free up expensive office space by using Teleworker. With Teleworker, you no longer need to have everyone in the same place to be able to work together; they can be located in low cost office space anywhere in the country or overseas or even be working from home. Co-workers will be able see if they are able to take a call with ‘presence and availability’ and transfer calls just as if they were sitting next to one another.


You no longer need to anticipate their needs. Traditional on-site systems are designed for a predetermined number of users; going beyond that number can require hardware upgrades or a complete system change; less users means the customer is paying for more than they need. With our cloud telephony, users can be added and removed as and when required; the system is more or less infinitely scalable.

Cloud Telephony Handset Mitel MiVoice 5340e

Cloud Telephony Handset, Mitel MiVoice 5340e handset for use with Qubic’s Cloud telephony Solutions

Key Features

With Qubic’s cloud telephony you can choose from a range of features that includes;

  • Unified Messaging
  • Hot Desking
  • Meet-Me Conferencing
  • Automatic Call Distribution
  • Enhanced mobility with Dynamic Extension Express
  • Teleworking

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