Cloud Data Services

Services hosted at one of Qubic's cloud datacentres

Hosted Data Services

Cloud data services enable organisations of all types and sizes to benefit from increased productivity, enhanced flexibility, business continuity and reduced costs. Qubic’s range of hosted options provide a tailored fit for any requirement. Virtualised business applications are hosted in our secure datacentres. Combined with our Vitesse connectivity products, organisations of any size can benefit from a flexible cloud data solution that doesn’t tie up capital, is secure, scalable and enables them to work from anywhere.

Paid for like any other utility

Organisations are no longer interested in tying up capital in computer systems that become rapidly outdated. With cloud data, virtualisation and the hosting of business applications, you need no longer be concerned about the hardware that runs your business applications; breaking the capital draining cycle of buy-and-upgrade. The cost of cloud services is billed on a pay-as-used model like any other utility.

Scalable and Flexible

In a cloud data environment, organisations can expand, change or even relocate without needing to worry about their IT. At the core, we can reconfigure the servers and other resources to meet the changing needs of your organisation as it changes and grows at no capital cost. Rapid provisioning of online storage or virtual machines makes scaling easier and on-demand computing possible, so you can meet your performance and capacity needs at a moment’s notice.

Consolidated infrastructure through Convergence

Organisations from SMEs through to Enterprise customers are all seeking efficiencies and cost saving without compromising on performance. Using a combination of high-speed data circuits and virtualisation brings together services such as voice, business applications, internet access and CRM onto a single platform. By bringing all these elements together, they can operate over a common infrastructure generating cost savings through efficiency.

The Latest and Greatest

As a Microsoft Partner, Qubic can offer Microsoft products on a Services Provider License Agreement (SPLA) a licencing arrangement under which software is provided on a pay-monthly basis. Users can be added or removed at the end of each month, giving ultimate flexibility. As patches and fixes are issued, these are applied centrally and when any major upgrade or version change takes place, the latest version is always made available to the end user.

Safe and Secure

Our servers are held in named Tier 3 or 4 datacentres with all data securely backed up both locally and remotely helping all organisations meet operational business continuity requirements. In certain industry sectors there are bigger compliance challenges specifically companies regulated by the FSA or PCI. To meet these requirements, we can offer call recording, secure remote working, safe data storage, business continuity and disaster recovery.

Key Features

With Qubic’s cloud data solutions you can choose from a range of features that includes;

  • Tier 3 or Tier 4 datacentres – Price is based on power requirements and is offered in half or full rack increments
  • Layer 2 VPLS (Virtual Private LAN Service) connectivity between Qubic’s on-net Tier 3 datacentres is available
  • Layer 2 internet breakout directly to Qubic’s Tier 1 carrier gateways
  • N+1 or greater redundant power
  • Back-up batteries, power generators with emergency refuelling amenities
  • Fire threat detection and suppression
  • Contemporary efficient cooling technology
  • On site 24×7 security monitoring, CCTV & physical security
  • 99.95% Service Level Agreement (SLA) on colocation hosting extendable to 99.998%
  • Additional static IPs available
  • 24×7 monitoring and technical support