Vitesse Fibre

Superfast fibre broadband

Vitesse Fibre

Vitesse Broadband is our range of business-grade broadband access products with guaranteed minimum download speeds that come with the option of adding Quality of Service to enable business grade, IP voice services. Traditional broadband products based on xDSL technology are available in asymmetric or symmetric form, with contention levels from 20:1 to uncontended.

Faster, Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) can also be provided as an uncontended service with assured minimum upload and download speeds subject to availability.

Faster Fibre Broadband

Faster, Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) looks and feels much like ADSL-based broadband, except that it is significantly faster. FTTC is ideal for economical VPN communications and is offered with a router that supports familiar industry-standard PPPoE. The service is available across the UK via the new street cabinets that contain the appropriate equipment. The street cabinets are connected back to the exchange by fibre and onwards to the customer premises over existing copper telephone lines.

Rapid Provisioning

Unlike Ethernet circuits which may require site surveys, extra construction charges or way leave, Vitesse Fibre uses the existing copper phone lines that are already in place to deliver connectivity to the building. This makes Vitesse Fibre the ideal solution for provisioning business grade connectivity at short notice.

It can provide an ideal interim solution for small to medium businesses or Enterprise customers that have dates set-in-stone for direct internet access or VPN connectivity. The service allows Qubic to install and test the LAN and WAN equipment in advance of the primary circuit rollout.

Vitesse Fibre Applications

  • Direct internet access
  • VPLS networking
  • SIP telephony with QoS
  • Failover connectivity
  • Online backup and storage
  • Direct access to hosted servers
  • Cloud applications for companies with up to 30 users

Vitesse Fibre

DescriptionAsymmetrical fibre broadbandAsymmetrical fibre broadbandSymmetrical fibre broadbandSymmetrical fibre broadband
Download speedup to 40Mbpsup to 80Mbpsassured 10Mbpsassured 20Mbps
Upload speedup to 10Mbpsup to 20Mbpsassured 10Mbpsassured 20Mbps
Ready for SIP & QoSyesyesyesyes
Ready for L2 VLANyesyesyesyes