Vitesse Fibre Private

High-speed private fibre broadband

Vitesse Fibre Private

Our pre-packaged Vitesse Fibre and Vitesse Fibre S products are ideal for many customers. They provide a superfast ADSL-style broadband experience for direct internet access or for business-grade IP voice with SIP trunks: there are options for a symmetrical version with assured upload and download speeds. Vitesse Fibre Private is different; it lets you use the superfast technology to build onto your own private network.

Creating a Private Network

Vitesse Fibre Private uses the FTTC technology to take traffic from the customer premises directly to one of our private datacentres. The traffic can then be routed over our own fibre backbone to another datacentre and onwards to another customer site. Throughout the entire journey, the traffic is kept on entirely private circuits and does not cross into the public internet.

Fibre Broadband Your Way

Vitesse Fibre Private can be configures any way you want within the constraints of a maximum download of 80Mbps and maximum upload of 20Mbps to and from the datacentre. Once at the datacentre, we can add services including DIA, SIP trunks or QoS or your traffic can stay entirely private.

Keeping it Private

Vitesse Fibre Private is particularly appropriate for organisations such as Financial, Legal, Medical or Governmental that need to communicate sensitive information. Because traffic over Vitesse Fibre Private uses static IP addresses and does not cross the public internet customer information is keep safe from interception, hacking or Denial of Service attacks.

Enabling Cloud

Vitesse Private Fibre can be linked directly to the datacentre without any access to the public internet with DIA being provided over a different circuit. This means that customers using hosted services, both voice and data, are not slowed or disrupted by people on the network looking at video on the likes YouTube and BBC iPlayer, sending or downloading large email attachments or downloading large images or sound files from internet sites.

Rapid Provisioning

Unlike Ethernet circuits which may require site surveys, extra construction charges or way leave, Vitesse Fibre uses the existing copper phone lines that are already in place to deliver connectivity to the building. This makes Vitesse Fibre the ideal solution for provisioning business grade connectivity at short notice or an ideal interim solution for small to medium businesses or Enterprise customers that have dates set-in-stone for direct internet access or VPN connectivity. The service allows you to install and test the LAN and WAN equipment in advance of the primary circuit rollout.

A Cost-effective Backup Plan

If you have a fast Ethernet circuit connected to one of our datacentres that has services such as DIA or SP trunks associated with it, they can install a Vitesse Fibre Private circuit that can act as a backup. If the Ethernet circuit fails, the Vitesse Fibre Private is activated acting as a failover. Because the services such as DIA and SIP trunks are already being provided and paid for as part of the Ethernet circuit, the Vitesse Fibre Private circuit can be provided as a wires-only service making it a very cost effective backup solution.

Vitesse Fibre Private

Broadband carried by fibre to the cabinet designed for; carrying sensitive information, direct cloud access, MPLS, failover solution.

DescriptionPrivate fibre circuitPrivate fibre circuit
Maximum download speed40Mbps80Mbps
Maximum upload speed10Mbps20Mbps
Ready for SIP & QoSyesyes
Ready for L2 VLANyesyes