Vitesse Circuits

Connections for business

Virtual Carrier

Qubic resells connectivity from a number of Tier 1 service providers including BT Openreach, Level 3 and Vodafone. Most resellers simply offer the pre-packaged services that are sold by the carrier. Qubic is different; it acts as a Virtual Carrier.

All circuits are delivered by the carrier to Qubic as a ‘wires only’ service. That is to say that a simple circuit is created directly between the customer premises and a Qubic datacentre. Qubic then creates a bespoke package service by adding elements at the core such as QoS, DIA etc. These services create the Qubic Vitesse range that spans from simply broadband, through fibre-broadband to enterprise grade Ethernet circuits

LAN Experience

Qubic Vitesse products provide connectivity that does not cross the public internet and can deliver the full capacity of the line, un-throttled and uncontended directly to the datacentre. This is particularly important for customers that chose a Qubic Managed Hosted Telephony or Managed Hosted Data solution.

As the servers that deliver the data or telephony solution are also located in the Qubic datacentres any circuit supplied by Qubic will effectively create a direct connection to the core meaning any user connected by a Vitesse circuit will have a ‘LAN’ experience and the improvement in quality and reliability that entails.

Adding Value through People

We have team of highly skilled individuals
Most of our engineers have been with us for over 10 years
We invest heavily in professional training
Advice to get the right solution first time

Adding Value through Technology

Delivering innovative technological solutions
Enhancing products like Microsoft Office 365
Powerful UK core infrastructure
Redundant multi-vendor interconnect giving high levels of resilience

Adding Value through Process

Proactive monitoring and management
We can deliver round the clock 24/7 support
We are accredited to the highest standards
including ISO 27001:2013 and ISO 9001
We employ PRINCE2 project management