Qubic Nexus

The business to business communications arena is dominated by email but there is still the need to communicate with legacy technologies and consumer technologies. Our Nexus range of products brings together fax and SMS technologies within your core communications platform.

Fax is now obsolete?

Integrating fax into your digital world – Nexus Fax

If you are an organisation that needs to communicate via fax but would prefer the simplicity and convenience of email, the Qubic Nexus Fax provides an elegant, seamless solution.

Incoming faxes

If you have a published fax machine, we can redirect it to our service or if you don’t, we can issue you with a new number.

When someone sends a fax to your published number, our cloud based service converts the incoming fax to an image and attaches it to an email which is then delivered to a pre-defined mailbox. This mailbox can be directed to an individual user or could be to a number of users, depending on your email setup.
Once the fax is attached to an email, you can read it, forward it, view it on a phone or tablet, print it – just about anything.

If you want, you can have more than one fax number, these can be allocated to departments, groups or individuals – it’s up to you.

Sending a fax

Sending a fax is just as easy as sending an email. Give your email a subject, type your message into the body of the email and add anything else as an attachment. You enter the recipient’s fax number as an email address and press send.

The email is routed to our system where the fax is composed. A fax cover sheet is created from the subject you entered into the email and the message you typed into the body, the attachments are then added as the subsequent pages. Our system converts everything to the relevant CCITT fax standard, dials up the recipient’s fax machine and transmits the fax. Finally, just as with a physical fax machine, you will receive a notification as to whether the transmission was successful or not.

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SMS texting is just for kids?

Pulling SMS into Outlook – Qubic Nexus SMS

With Qubic Nexus SMS there are multiple ways of using SMS text as a business tool. At the simplest level, you can compose a message in Outlook then send that message as an SMS; the recipient’s phone number is converted to an email address and sent to our system. Our system takes the subject of your email and the body and converts them into a single or multiple SMS message depending on the length, then sends it over the GSM network.

For inbound SMS messages, you can either publish your own short-number or use a shared short-number with a key word which is associated with an email address on our system. Any inbound text will be routed to the email address associated with the number; the message can be directed to an individual user or could be to a number of users, depending on your email setup.

Broadcasting to groups or lists

The Qubic Nexus SMS portal allows you to setup lists of people and phone numbers then form them into groups; a phone number can be added to multiple groups. You then give each group a name. Once you have set up your groups you can send a message to the group from Outlook and the Nexus SMS server will send the message to all members of the group.

Remotely triggered Broadcasts

Within the Portal you can setup predefined messages so for example, a school might set up a message saying “Due to bad weather, the school is closed today – check the school website for updates click here”. This message can be triggered by an approved user sending a text message to the system with the correct sequence of commands.

Integrating with CRM systems

If your CRM systems is capable of sending an email, it is capable of sending a text message via Qubic Nexus SMS. All you need to do is to setup an email field that contains the mobile number in our email address format. When your CRM system sends an email, the Nexus Server will convert the message to an SMS and send it.

For more complex integrations, we have an API that can be used to build bespoke integrations. provides an elegant, seamless solution.

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