Mobile Services

Keeping in touch on the move

Qubic Mobile Services

Qubic delivers two types of mobile service; traditional Business Class mobile services and its unique Qubic Vitesse service that extends your secure company network over 3G and 4G. Qubic buys mobile voice and data on a wholesale basis from O2 and Vodafone and can create individually tailored packages that provide the flexibility, security and pricing that our customers demand. Mobile services are billed along with all other Qubic services unders a simple monthly invoice.

Business Mobile Services

Business Mobile Services

We have chosen to partner with both Vodafone and O2 to be able to deliver best-in-class Business Mobile services to our business customers across the UK. Using a blend of these Tier 1 carriers, we offer services that include;

Phones & Tablets

We can provide a range of phones and tablets including Apple’s iPhone and iPad as well as the Samsung Galaxy range of smartphones and tablets.

Conference Calling

We have a suite of applications that can help you create and participate in both video and audio conferences on the move.

Work on the Move

With our Microsoft Office 365 products, you can work on the move. You can use your familiar Office applications including Word, Outlook and Skype for Business to keep organised, read and edit documents, send and receive emails and participate in video conferences wherever you are.

Take and make ‘Office’ calls

You can integrate your office Mitel phone system with your mobile device. Using the Mitel softphone app, you can make receive calls just as if you were in the office. Your customers simply dial your office number and you can answer with your softphone, you can transfer calls, put then on-hold, set up three-way calling, access your voicemail – in fact just about anything that you could do from your office phone.

Keeping you safe online

Particularly in light of the new European GDPR, it is important to keep your business information safe and secure. Using Microsoft’s Enterprise Management Suite, you can easily, for example, wipe a device remotely to eliminate the possibility that an unauthorised person can access it. You can even select which information is personal and which is for business. When someone leaves the company, you can delete your financial spreadsheets and leave their selfies intact.

Network Wi-Fi and Coverage

By blending the best of O2 and Vodafone, we can offer you the best possible coverage. Find out which network gives you the best coverage in the place you regularly visit, use the independent Ofcom coverage checker. You can view the coverage through your web browser or download the Ofcom coverage checker app for your phone.

Mobile Packages

All our Business Mobile packages have been designed to deliver the agility and flexibility demanded by customers in the ‘always-on’ world. Whether you choose a device-included package or a SIM only package you will receive;

  • Unlimited calls to UK landlines and mobiles
  • Free European* roaming – use your voice and data allowance when traveling in Europe at no extra cost
  • Add-on International bundles when travelling elsewhere.
  • Regular account management reviews to ensure you are receiving the best value

(*a list of eligible countries is available on request)

Vitesse Mobile Services

Qubic Vitesse Mobile Services

Qubic offers traditional standard mobile voice and data services from Tier 1 providers. Additionally we have a direct interconnect between our datacentres and the mobile core – this allows us to provide secure mobile extensions to corporate networks that deliver a LAN experience to mobile workers.

Qubic Connectivity

All fixed line and mobile circuits are delivered by the carrier to Qubic as a ‘wires only’ service. That is to say that a simple circuit is created directly between the customer premises and a Qubic datacentre. Qubic then creates a bespoke service package by adding elements at the core such as QoS, DIA etc. These services create the Qubic Vitesse range that spans from simple broadband, through fibre-broadband to enterprise grade Ethernet circuits and mobile.

Qubic Vitesse products provide connectivity that does not cross the public internet and can deliver the full capacity of the line, un-throttled and uncontended securely and directly to the datacentre. This is particularly important for customers that choose a Qubic Managed Hosted Telephony or Managed Hosted Data solution.

Qubic Vitesse Mobile

Qubic’s Vitesse Mobile connections work in the same way as its fixed line Vitesse services; the connection goes directly to one of Qubic’s core datacentres at which point the connection becomes effectively a secure extension of the LAN with the same IP range.

Fixed-line Back-up

We provide customers who take a Vitesse fixed-line circuit with a special router that houses a SIM card. If the fixed line circuit fails, the connection automatically switches to route over 4G (subject to availability) and is connected directly to the datacentre in the same way as the fixed line service – this means that all LAN protocols are still in place and IP addresses are still within the corporate range.

Mobile and Temporary Offices

For organisations that need to create a temporary office that is securely connected to their LAN such as a construction company setting up a site office or the emergency services setting up an incident room, Vitesse Mobile offers an instant solution.

You can provide workers that are ‘on-the-road’ with a mobile solution that enables them to connect securely back to the corporate network as if they connected to the LAN.

Data Roaming

Vitesse Mobile is able to connect via any mobile network so if your primary mobile provider does not offer sufficient coverage in a particular area, your Vitesse Mobile will pick up another network, just like when you use your mobile phone on holiday.

Data Package Sharing

With traditional mobile contracts, you need to pay for a data package for each user, often resulting in you paying for much more than you either need or use. With Vitesse Mobile, you buy an aggregated data package that is share amongst all of your users.

Adding Value through People

We have team of highly skilled individuals
Most of our engineers have been with us for over 10 years
We invest heavily in professional training
Advice to get the right solution first time

Adding Value through Technology

Delivering innovative technological solutions
Enhancing products like Microsoft Office 365
Powerful UK core infrastructure
Redundant multi-vendor interconnect giving high levels of resilience

Adding Value through Process

Proactive monitoring and management
We can deliver round the clock 24/7 support
We are accredited to the highest standards
including ISO 27001:2013 and ISO 9001
We employ PRINCE2 project management