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Qubic manages and supports DDI’s  Mitel telephone system and associated circuits and connectivity that services their offices in the UK, France and Germany.

About DDI UK

DDI is a global specialist in Leader Selection, Leadership Development, Succession Management and Performance & Execution.

DDI UK has a singular mission – building better leadership capability. DDI is not a headhunter. DDI is not a software company. DDI is not a compensation and benefits shop. DDI is not a lot of things. DDI does one thing well—identifying and growing leaders.

DDI is constantly experimenting. Constantly conducting research. Constantly challenging our ourselves to create better solutions and keener insights into what really works. Out in the field, DDI has developed more than one million better leaders—at every level, in every industry, all over the planet. And helped its clients make thousands of better selection and promotion decisions each year. All with a singular end-goal: better leaders, improved business performance, faster.

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