Overtime working problems in Japan tackled by drones

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Japan is known for its work culture; and in order to address the problem of excessive and overtime work, they’ve come up with an innovative way to discourage it through the use of the horrendous sounds made by drones.

T-Friend, as the new IoT gadget is called, has the following two primary functions: it makes the workspace more secure at night by making it hard for burglars to enter unnoticed, and also discourages employees from working overtime.

Loyalty to bosses, commitment to work, and a competitive mindset are all values associated with the Japanese culture, however, sometimes it can get out of hand. Currently, Japan is ranked highly globally for suicide rates. Depression, combined with long work hours and exhaustion, are considered to be contributing factors.

The new drones, if successful, will alleviate some of that strain by encouraging workers to return to their homes after the shift is over. At the same time, they can also be used to take photos of the office space and count how many people are present.

According to the Japan Times, T-Friend will cost $4,500 on a monthly basis. Businesses that opt to acquire the drones will also receive cloud storage they can use to store footage, images, and flight logs.

While the new IoT innovation is meant to enhance workplace security, it’s also a brave step towards caring for workers’ health, both mental and physical, which makes it a worthwhile investment.

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