OTA 2017: Fed and banking sites score as least trustworthy

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The results of the Online Trust Alliance 2017 audit are in: the top 1000 websites were analysed in the security and privacy departments, and 60% of the banking and government websites received failing grades. This trend has continued for the third year in a row.

Here is how the OTA audit works: a website can either receive a positive or a negative grade; and the criteria for passing the test can be quite strict, since failing in one or more areas results in a negative evaluation. In order to qualify for the OTA Honor Roll, a website must pass in all three main categories, site security, privacy, and consumer protection, as well as achieving an overall score of 80% or higher.

It’s not all bleak, however. 52% of the websites have performed extremely well, earning OTA’s Honor Roll, which is the highest percentage in nine years. However, the fact that 65% of top 100 banks failed in the data security and privacy departments is a reason to be concerned.

Specifically, banks scored the lowest in the SSL categories since many of them are still using outdated ciphers. On the upside, 85% of them do have the best basic anti-bot protection in place.

Looking at the consumer service websites, more than 75% of them qualified for the Honor Roll. The news websites saw the highest improvement percentage with 48% making the Honor Roll, which is up quite a bit compared to the last year, when only 23% of them made the cut.

The full report is available at Online Trust Alliance’s official website.

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