Orwl: a secure PC that self-destructs if tampered with

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Orwl is a newly-released PC that’s designed to take data security to a whole new level: this $1,699 device will self-destruct as a last-ditch effort to protect your data should someone attempt to mess with it.

Since you can fit it in a palm, it won’t take up very much space. However, don’t let its size deceive you; this gizmo is like a command outpost for shielding your data, and it’s built for exactly that purpose, inside and out.

First of all, a password is not enough to get into it, you also need a corresponding wireless key fob just to turn it on. Furthermore, whenever the key fob moves out of range, the processor enters sleep mode, and the USB and HDMI ports shut off.

If the device should fail to secure your data by using other methods, and there are no other ways to shield it, it will wipe all data from the encrypted solid-state disk to ensure nothing falls into the wrong hands.

Orwl also comes with a motion sensor to protect shock-based data loss, a built-in mesh to protect the controller, as well as a pressure switch. It runs on open-source software and comes with secure boot technology. It also has a way to monitor temperature and employs side-channel attack protection.

Here are the full specs:

– 8GB Ram

– Qubes OS/Windows/Ubuntu

– 2 USB-C outputs

– 480GB solid-state drive

– Dual-mode Bluetooth 2.1. BTLE 4.2

– Intel HD graphics 515 300/1000MHZ

– HDMI 4K video output

– 802.11 n/ac wireless

Orwl will probably start shipping in mid-to-late August.

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