Organisations urged to develop BYOD policies

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BYOD, acronym for bring your own deviceSome public organisations have been urged to pay more attention to their Bring Your Own Device policies.

Paying more attention to this area of IT is important to help to ensure data security and avoid the risks associated with BYOD. New research has been carried out into this issue, talking to 100 IT decision makers in the UK. The results of the survey have shown that just 22% of companies have developed a strong BYOD, while 43% have no idea if there is a policy in place.

The regulations on data security in the public sector are fairly strict, but they are about to get stricter as they plan for GDPR. This means that there will need to be very clear guidelines in place to allow employees to use their own devices to access data safely, so that it remains beyond the reach of cybercriminals.

The guidelines should put emphasis on the various security factors that relate to BYOD, and now is a good time to do this. Reviewing how information is managed will help to reduce the risks. It will also show the various benefits of BYOD, including productivity and efficiency. Staff that can access data on the move like this will have the potential to work better and faster.

Companies cannot afford to ignore BYOD as it is set to continue and grow, so putting a strategy into place now is going to be of benefit. BYOD enables employees to access documents and other office capabilities via their mobile phones. This includes seamless printer access and other standard office functions.

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