Norfolk economy gets £84m boost from new communication infrastructure

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A new report from Regeneris Consulting suggests that BT’s work and investment over the last year has boosted the Norfolk economy by £84m.

BT currently employs around 900 people in Norfolk, with more than 26,000 workers across the eastern region it. One-quarter of all those who work in IT and communications in the region are employed by BT and the company deals with many local suppliers. The independent report has been issued at a time when BT is set to take over EE and there are rumours that the company could also take over Channel 4 if the government decides to sell off the TV channel.

The researchers said the scale of the work carried out by BT in the east of England is huge, and that on a nationwide level around £1 in every £80 created can be attributed to BT. This makes the company one of the largest contributors to the UK economy.

In Norfolk BT is working with various councils and organisations to create the Better Broadband for Norfolk initiative, providing superfast residential and business broadband to the local area. This scheme has already provided superfast services to more than 170,000 properties in the region; by the end of this year, around 80% of the county will be able to access the faster services.

Another deal has been announced in recent weeks to provide services to 95% of properties by 2017, with this deal worth around £25m.

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