No more annoying page jumps in Mozilla Firefox

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Firefox 66 will be released in March, and you know what’s coming with it? A fix that deals with the page jumps that many users find so annoying.

Have you ever experienced new content loading on a particular web page and pushing down the content that you were viewing at that particular moment? From now on, this will no longer be the case, because the browser will remember your current position and try to maintain it no matter what. This will allow for a better user experience while also preventing misclicks, which is relevant in terms of cybersecurity.

As the developers have named it, the new feature is called “scroll anchoring”. The W3C is working on this to become the golden standard, and Firefox is making a brave step in the right direction. Firefox, however, is not the first to have come up with scroll anchoring – that honour goes to Google Chrome.

After Google Chrome came out with it, Opera Software responded quickly thereafter by releasing Opera 43 that features it. Safari, Edge and Internet Explorer, however, do not support the new feature as of yet.

Mozilla’s initial efforts to add support for scroll anchoring began way back in September 2016. According to one of their recent tweets, the work is now finally completed and the changes will be coming soon.

If you can’t wait to try it out Firefox 66 when it gets released in March, you can test the new feature in Firefox Nightly that’s already available for download.

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