NiceHash compromised from a non-EU IP?

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NiceHash, the Slovenian cryptocurrency mining marketplace, recently experienced a devastating cybersecurity breach during which $64 million worth of Bitcoin was stolen by hackers. The newest information suggests that the hackers breached the system from a non-EU IP.

Basically, NiceHash is designed to be a place where people can sell their unused processing time to be used for mining for cryptocurrencies while being paid in Bitcoin. In a statement made by the company during the last month, they revealed that they were still investigating exactly how much Bitcoin the hackers got away with by emptying the Bitcoin wallets of their users.

Apart from that, the company has advised its users to change their passwords, and that they are still trying to determine the details of the breach.

According to Andrej Skraba, head of marketing at NiceHash, a very interesting piece of data was discovered: apparently, the company’s systems were compromised from a foreign, non-EU IP. However, he did not reveal anything more than that, only that they have investors from all around the world.

Examining the comments made by Marko Kobal, head of NiceHash, the hackers managed to get their hands on the user credentials of one of their engineers, through which they were able to gain access to the system.

This incident could definitely have an effect on the highly volatile price of Bitcoin on the digital currency market.

The Slovenian police are still investigating the cybersecurity breach, and no other details were made available at this time.

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