Zoom’s competitors are stepping up their game

The video chatting app Zoom has surged in popularity recently.

During the past month, downloads of the app went up by 740%, according to analytics company,  App Annie.

This has made it the most downloaded app on Apple’s App Store.

Now, Facebook, Google and its other competitors are after their own slice of the cake.

Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg has responded by ordering employees to focus on a video chat project.

Facebook’s videoconferencing solution is getting upgraded with several features, including a group chat that can handle 50 people at once.

Google has also taken notice: Meet, its video chat app, is now more accessible via Gmail.

Meanwhile, Cisco offers Webex, its very own teleconferencing service.

Verizon is making the move to acquire BlueJeans Network.

But what is making Zoom so popular?

For a start, it is very user-friendly and the installation is a breeze.

It also has a grid view that allows you to see everyone on the call at once – this is what helps make the experience more social.

The company behind it is now worth $47bn, which is more than Pinterest and Slack.

Still, it often gets criticised for its privacy and security issues.

Google is building upon what Zoom’s users are fond of: not only will Meet be getting a grid-style view of its own, but it will also get some new features designed to improve the video quality in a low-light setting.

Moreover, the advanced features, including the newly added noise-cancellation feature, are now free for everyone to enjoy.

The company reports that Meet is seeing 25 times as much use as in January.

Many younger people are using Houseparty, a video chat app by Epic Games with game-playing features – it has received more than 50m sign-ups in recent weeks.