You can now access main Microsoft websites without a password

Windows 10 October release is getting re-released, and with it, Microsoft is announcing an important set of changes. Office 365, OneDrive, Skype, and Outlook users can sign into their accounts without a password through Edge.

Edge, on Windows 10, comes with WebAuthn. This allows you to use other ways of logging in instead of the traditional password, such as a face or fingerprint scan. You can also use certain keys such as YubiKey or the Feitian BioPass key.

WebAuth is a W3C standard for password-free logins to websites, the same one that’s also supported by Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. It gives you the option to log in to websites from Edge by using biometrics.

For those who are wondering about the advantages of doing so, for instance, there will no longer be a need to remember these passwords. Moreover, falling prey to a fishing campaign will become a bit harder as a result.

The new method of signing in will work for the following accounts:

– Office 365

– OneDrive

– Skype

– Cortana


– Microsoft Store

– Xbox Live on PC

– Outlook

– Microsoft Edge

– Mixer

– Bing

To enable signing in without a password, go to the account page on Edge. Select Security and More Security Options. From there, you will be able to set up each key individually.

In the future, Microsoft has plans to extend the no-password functionality for work and school accounts through Microsoft Azure Active Directory.