Yellow Submarine receives a donation from Vodafone UK

Yellow Submarine, an organisation dedicated to helping children suffering from autism, has received £1,000 from Vodafone UK.

They’ve received the funds in the scope of Vodafone’s Community Connection Award launched in 2014 with the aim of helping local communities. This year, Vodafone’s staff decided that Yellow Submarine was to receive the reward due to their accomplishments.

The money will go towards funding five of the charity’s Wacky Wednesday events. During the event, 20 members get chosen to receive an opportunity to plan a day out full of diverse activities, among which are:

– Bowling

– Swimming

– Karaoke

Alice Knibbs, marketing and fundraising officer at Yellow Submarine, finds the donation to be very generous. According to her statement, the £1,000 received will go towards assisting people in Witney and providing support for their autism and learning disabilities. To conclude, she expressed a sincere form of gratitude towards Vodafone UK and their support.

Najeeb Rahmany, Vodafone store manager in Witney, commented that he is extremely pleased to be able to help organisations such as Yellow Submarine, stating they do incredible work to help people dealing with autism and learning disabilities, allowing them to live their lives to the fullest. He concluded that meeting the representatives from Yellow Submarine was fantastic.

Last year, the £1,000 award went to Chestnut Tree House, a children’s hospice. Currently, more than 300 children and adults with progressive life-shortening conditions are under their wing.