XakFor bites the dust

XakFor, a notorious hacking forum, was shut down by the Belarusian authorities. Here is the aftermath.

In essence, the hacking forum served as a meeting point for:

– Spammers

– Botnet operators

– Malware authors

XakFor was launched in 2012 and remained the go-to resource for those with a never-ending thirst for bypassing cybersecurity defences.

As many believe, the fact that It was publicly accessible (as opposed to being hidden in the dark web) is a major contributing factor leading to its demise.

The Belarusian authorities report finding more than 28,000 registered accounts.

The forum was receiving thousands of visitors on a daily level.

In the early days, it was invite-only.

Later on, the policy changed and it became open to anyone who wanted to create an account.

One of the things that XakFor was known for is that it offered both free and paid malware downloads for eager hackers to distribute to their victims.

In fact, the variety of malware available for download was quite impressive.

From remote access trojans, crypters, Android malware and all the way to ransomware kits, the ironic aspect of it is that some of it was cracked or had a backdoor hidden in it.

In essence, a case of cybercriminals stealing from each other.

Since XakFor was hosted inside the country, the local authorities had the power to take it down.

Visiting the website today shows a takedown notice.

Although the malware downloads are no longer working, it’s still possible to access the archived version of the site through Google’s cache.