Windows users to enjoy Dark Mode support for Google Chrome

The following operating systems are supported:

– Android

– Chrome

– Windows

– Mac OS

– Chrome OS

– Linux

There are many bug fixes and cybersecurity enhancements in Google Chrome 74, but those who love Microsoft Windows will surely notice the new Dark Mode that comes with it. Mac users were able to test it out in version 73.

Windows users will have to jump through a couple of hoops to enable it, though, as it’s not as simple as heading to the settings section and turning it on. In other words, you’ll need to navigate to the system settings and switch over to the Dark skin, which will make Google Chrome automatically adjust as well.

Since this is a system-wide setting, it’s a possibility that certain users may be annoyed by it.

For security’s sake, Google has removed deprecated file downloads that get initiated from sandboxed iframes, which is common in malwertising methods (distributing malware through malicious ads).

A web site’s ability to open a new tab during the process of closing a currently-open page is another thing the developers have chosen to remove. For a long time, fraudulent tech support scams and ad farms have been abusing it to keep users on their sites.

Finally, Data Saver got replaced by Lite mode, a new data-saving mechanism. The details are still unknown at the moment, but Google has announced they will publish a whitepaper with additional information in the near future. Only Android users will be able to enjoy the new Litemode.