Windows 10X aims to become a Chrome OS alternative

Microsoft has released what is believed to be the answer to Chrome OS – Windows 10X.

In a recent leak, it was revealed that the upcoming operating system is in its final stages of development.

Windows 10X originally started as a variant of Windows 10 meant for dual-screen devices.

Microsoft was planning to release it alongside Surface Neo.

This is essentially a lightweight version of Windows that ships with new hardware.

Its focus is now on single-screen laptops, and the way that it looks is reminiscent of Chrome OS.

At a glance, it appears almost as a portal to the web.

The Start menu acts as a launcher.

However, the Live Tiles that are present on Windows 10 are not found here – as a replacement, you will find a list of recently used documents and apps.

Through Bing, you will be able to browse not only for web content but also for documents and apps.

In the spirit of Chrome OS, the focus is on web apps.

You are also given the option to install Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) from Chromium Edge – after this, you can also pin them to the taskbar.

The taskbar appears to be rather simplified.

Furthermore, there are no system tray icons in Windows 10X.

In their place, we have a simple Action Center that includes essential functions such as:

  • Shutdown button
  • Time display
  • Enable VPN switch
  • Volume knob
  • Connecting displays

You will not be able to resize windows in Windows 10X.

Therefore, the middle window button has been removed.

You can still minimise or close them as normal.

In the Windows 10X file explorer, you can manage downloaded files and access the OneDrive cloud or USB storage.

Accessing local files does not appear to be an option at this time, and it will not be possible to install regular desktop apps.