Windows 10 update improves Bluetooth audio, multiple monitor app arrangement, and more

A Windows 10 update scheduled for later this year is making Bluetooth even more user-friendly as well as introducing other audio improvements.

The operating system will finally get support for Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) over Bluetooth, allowing for even more freedom of choice when it comes to Bluetooth speakers and headphones.

AAC support, in particular, unlocks support for a wide range of Apple headphones.

When the update goes live, any time you find yourself in a situation that calls for selecting Bluetooth inputs in Windows 10, there will no longer be multiple devices to choose from.

The issue with the former design is that some apps got misled into thinking that there were multiple devices present, when in reality there were not.

Now, Windows will be smart enough to automatically switch to the correct Bluetooth profile, depending on whether you hop on a call or are listening to music.

In other news, Microsoft is changing its approach to how apps rearrange when multiple monitors are being used.

This is part of the same update, which also contains the following:

  • New File Explorer icons
  • Linux GUI app support for developers
  • Xbox Auto HDR feature for PC games

Previously, when you reverted your device from sleep mode to normal functioning on multiple monitors, there was a problem with apps being rearranged in a random pattern.

According to Michelle Xiong from the Microsoft graphics team, Rapid Hot Plug Detect (Rapid HPD) is the technical term used to describe the problem.

If you are using a laptop with an additional monitor and it goes to sleep and Windows thinks that it has been unplugged, Windows moves your apps to another screen.

Although multiple workarounds have existed for years, Microsoft has finally taken a proactive approach to addressing the issue, and it will be fixed in a future Windows 10 update.