Windows 10 ‘Redstone 5’ build brings changes to Edge

The next Windows 10 test build titled Redstone 5 will feature an updated Edge. Microsoft has decided to tweak its networking stack and memory-utilization components.

Users will notice that the settings menu in Edge has changed. They will also notice their top sites listed on the Windows taskbar or Start Menu. Moreover, the latest build allows for simplified organising of groups of tabs they’ve set aside.

Apart from this, Microsoft is adding support for IPv6 to KDNET. One of the company’s blog posts also reveals how the memory used by suspended Universal Windows Platform apps/processes appears in Task Manager – more information is available on the official Microsoft blog.

Microsoft is also adding a new network driver model; by doing so, they are seeking to redo the entire LTE networking stack via the NetAdapter framework.

Redstone 5 will include the new Mobile Broadband USB classdriver. From this build and moving forward, this will be the default driver.

Edge has also received a whole set of changes, alongside with the Narrator and the Command prompt. However, if you’re excited to try it out, you may want to put it aside for a little bit, because this particular build is known to have a couple of bugs.

For example, those using Azure Active Directory are blocked from receiving new flights; however, Microsoft has acknowledged the problem and fixes are already on the way.

Mainstream users will start receiving the new build in October 2018.