Windows 10 Fall Creators Update and privacy changes

In the next Microsoft Windows Creators Update, there are going to be several privacy changes that count as follow-ons to the changes that Microsoft started rolling out this spring.

Specifically, Microsoft is introducing two privacy changes to the setup process. During the setup process, users will get direct access to the privacy statement. When setting up a new device, they will be able to use the Learn More page to navigate to the relevant settings for diagnostics, location, speech recognition, ads, and tailored experiences.

With the new update, Microsoft is also changing the way that users can set application controls. Now, they will be allowed to be set beyond just location. Furthermore, any app installed through the app store will ask for permission to use the user’s microphone, calendar, cameras, etc.

However, the new permissions change only applies to apps users will install after applying the Fall Creators Update. In the event they want to change the app permissions on apps they’ve already installed, they can do so by going to Settings and then selecting Privacy.

There is another change that targets Enterprise users. They will now be able to set the Windows Analytics diagnostic data to the minimum required. Windows Analytics is a service that gives additional information on deploying, supporting, and servicing Windows 10.

Microsoft is continuing to roll out test builds to its Insider testers. Recently, they have also rolled out a test version for mobiles, which – along other fixes and updates – includes support for two-factor authentication.