Wiltshire getting faster broadband

It has been revealed that faster residential and business broadband is being made available to 5,000 properties in Wiltshire.

The Wiltshire Online scheme is now ready to begin a new phase as a result of funding from a number of sources. Almost £4m has been made available by the government’s Superfast Extension Programme (SEP), while almost £1m has come from BT and £500,000 from Wiltshire County Council.

Planning work for this next phase is set to commence early in 2016. The infrastructure section of BT, Openreach, will carry out the surveying and will then begin building and installing the fibre technology needed to extend the faster residential and business broadband services to thousands more properties in the county.

The Wiltshire Online project has already reached more than 62,000 properties. When this figure is added to the commercial roll-out of services in the region, there are now around 180,000 properties in the county that can access the faster services.

BT’s MD of next generation broadband, Bill Murphy, said that the faster services are having a strong impact on daily life and are becoming essential for most people and businesses.

John Thomson, the Wiltshire Council cabinet member for broadband services, said that the project is on track to meet its targets and hopes it will create many opportunities for growth in the county, hence the strong investment from a number of quarters.