Will we soon be chased by autonomous police cars?

If you think you’ve seen it all when it comes to digital transformation, think again: soon enough, speeding infractions may become punishable not only by traffic wardens and the police, but by autonomous vehicles.

Ford has already filed a patent for autonomous police cars, and looking at its abstract, it was revealed that it may have a processor with sensors, a traffic laws database, communication devices, recording equipment, and mapping technology.

What does this mean for the future? Perhaps, traffic violation officers will no longer chase after speeding vehicles, and it will become the norm to be alerted or stopped by an autonomous police car. Although it may sound dystopian, Western culture has pretty much adopted all the technology needed to make it happen, and AI-controlled police cars may be the next logical step.

Such an autonomous police vehicle may access surveillance cameras placed on the road, connect to government databases and driving agencies, and use all the data gathered to track down suspects.

However, bear in mind this is only a patent application; it may very well end up gathering dust by not being put into action like numerous others. Still, given the fact that autonomous vehicles are being developed rather quickly by governments on a global scale, autonomous police cars stand a good chance of becoming a part of our reality in the future.

Surely enough, we can imagine it. But are we ready for it as well?