Will banning Huawei make countries insecure?

Australia decided to ban Huawei in 2018, but the tech giant’s cybersecurity officer David Soldani warns us that doing so will lead to trouble in the cybersecurity department.

According to him, AI is a huge risk to network security if it gets exploited to launch more effective attacks.

No matter what the case is with exploiting traditional systems, when it comes to machine learning, the lack of explainability is a weakness.

This opens up the risk of any of the following:

– Poisoning

– Evasion

– Backdoor attacks

Attackers wield another dangerous weapon in this case – extracting training data and training models from query results, not to mention implanting backdoors in models.

Furthermore, Soldani believes that placing a ban on specific companies is not the most productive thing to be doing.

The reason being is that if deciding to do so, at least in Australia, one would have to increase reliance on one or two other vendors.

As you might have imagined, neither of these are performing the necessary tests on their equipment.

John Lord, the head of Huawei Australia, reassures us that there is no way that information circulating in their network would ever be handed over to another government.

Malcolm Turnbull, the country’s former prime minister, however, made the argument that the banning move was done in order to protect Australia’s sovereignty.

He believes a threat comes in the form of a combination of capability and intent.