What’s coming to Outlook clients?

Soon, Microsoft will be adding various new features to the many flavours of Outlook client. Some we’ll see rather soon, and some will be deployed during the summer. Let’s take a look at what’s in store for us.

  1. Bill reminders

If there are bills you need to pay, you will be able to set an email reminder two days before the deadline hits.

  1. Suggested event locations and reminders

Have you ever wanted to receive an email reminder that you’re supposed to go to a meeting? This will soon be an option.

  1. Details of an organisation’s directory

If you’re using Outlook for iOS, you will be able to take advantage of seeing the details of an organisation’s history. This will be visible in the Outlook contact information section. If the company is connected to Microsoft Azure Active Directory, additional in-depth levels of detail will become available.

  1. Continue drafting the message on another device

Here is another exciting new feature that is still in the to-do phase of development, but one that we’ll definitely be able to see at some point. As an Outlook user, you will be able to start drafting a message on one device and then finish it on another. If all goes well, iOS Outlook users will be receiving it in May. Microsoft Windows versions of Outlook already support this feature.

  1. Office Lens integration with Outlook

In May, we’re also going to be getting Office Lens integration with Outlook.

  1. Office 365 Groups for OneNote

This is a new feature that iOS Outlook users will be gaining access to in June.