What to expect from the new open-source Microsoft Edge browser

Edge, Microsoft’s web browser, will soon become available as a Chromium-based open-source version for developers to preview. Will the final version include some enterprise-friendly options?

During the Build conference in Seattle, Microsoft announced new features for the Edge browser that enterprises will be particularly pleased to hear about.

First off, we have the new Internet Explorer mode. This enables you to set Edge as the default browser option while also allowing you to use older business apps without hurdles, some older apps require legacy features of the classic Internet Explorer in order to work.

The new version of Edge will feature additional privacy controls designed to restrict the ability of third-parties to track user actions in browser sessions. You will be able to choose from three different levels of strictness:

– Unrestricted

– Balanced

– Strict

If you’re familiar with AdBlock Plus, you’ll feel right at home, as the new functionality serves a similar purpose. All in all, this is one of the factors that will differentiate Edge from the original Chromium.

Then, we have the Privacy Filtering feature. Simply put, this blocks all tracking attempts unless a user willingly opts in to be tracked. This feature had previously been planned for addition to Internet Explorer 8, however, Microsoft executives ordered that it be removed from that version of the browser.

Another noteworthy feature is called Collections, which was designed to streamline the process of organizing, collecting, sharing, and exporting content more efficiently. It also comes with Office integration.

The early test build is already available for developers to give it a whirl. At this time, Microsoft has not yet given a concrete release date.