What does Microsoft Build 2019 have in store for us?

The Microsoft Build conference will be in full swing from the 6th to the 8th of May and participants will be able to enjoy a wide range of AI, IoT, and cloud-themed content. What’s on the menu for this year?

First, a quick introduction for those who are unfamiliar with the event. Mainly, the conference is aimed at developers, but there’s plenty of valuable information to be discussed on the topics of Microsoft 365 and related solutions.

Let’s take a look at the three main things the event is structured to revolve around:

1. Cloud
Microsoft Azure has been all the rage in the conferences to date, so this year’s event won’t be much different in this regard. All in all, Microsoft wants to make it an AI and IoT engine, as these are essential tools for unlocking new productivity experiences.

2. AI
Bots should be at the forefront of the discussion. Microsoft is expected to put a new spin on the conversational AI strategy. In concrete terms, Cortana will cater to the needs of business owners more. All in all, Microsoft wants to make it easier for developers to build custom bots and assistants. Cognitive services will also be a focus. The company wants to offer AI services the developers can use.

3. The Insider program for developers
Interested in seeing the new Windows Insider application? Dubbed as “Catnip”, the new Progressive Web App will be available for attendees to view and comment on. If you have something worthwhile to share, Microsoft may even end up incorporating it!