Welsh businesses to receive faster broadband

Welsh companies are set to benefit from faster broadband services after the Welsh government announced a new partnership with BT.

The Welsh government announced this summer that it has launched a Superfast Cymru partnership with BT to bring faster broadband to most homes and businesses in Wales. This is set to be one of the largest broadband collaborations in the UK and will bring faster residential and business broadband to those who need it. It will also provide a welcome boost to the Welsh economy.

The early stages of this roll-out will help to create around 2,500 new jobs; in addition, supplying faster business broadband could encourage the creation of thousands of new businesses, making Wales a more attractive place for new companies to be based.

Superfast broadband is now considered essential for new businesses, which will choose a location where such services are provided. It is also going to be a useful addition to business services for those companies that are already established.

Companies can no longer afford to ignore the power of the internet, with customers checking most things online before they visit a company in person. Companies that have not had a web presence to date will find that they will benefit if customers have a way to find out more in advance. The addition of a.wales or .cymru web domain is also going to be attractive to companies that want to improve their digital presence.