Wells Fargo instructs employees to remove TikTok from company devices

The questionable security aspects of TikTok, the popular social networking and video sharing app, have been getting a lot of press lately.

In April, TikTok reached a major milestone of amassing 2bn downloads.

However, Wells Fargo has taken a decisive stance and instructed its employees to remove any traces of it from company devices due to privacy concerns.

The reasons for this are twofold.

Firstly, Wells Fargo believes that in the workplace, corporate-owned devices are there for a reason and should be used accordingly for business-related purposes.

Secondly, industry experts keep talking about the application’s dubious security controls and practices.

The company has therefore insisted that its employees remove it from their devices.

Previously, Amazon sent a similar instruction to its employees via email, asking them to remove it from mobile devices with Amazon email addresses.

Later on, however, the firm’s decision-makers took back their instructions, clarifying that these had been made in error.

The firm’s latest stance is that at the present time, no internal policy changes regarding TikTok will be taking place.

Recently, TikTok was found to be accessing user clipboard data when running in the background.

This was made possible due to a new feature present in the beta version of iOS 14 that has the function of alerting users when an app attempts to copy something from the clipboard.

In response, TikTok claims to have removed the problematic feature.

Various nations around the world are considering imposing a ban on the app, with the Trump administration already on the case.

Still, it remains unclear how this will be enforced in practice.

Of course, individual organisations can decide the matter on their own.

For instance, some branches of the US military have already banned it on government-owned devices.