Welcome the new Microsoft Azure Security Lab

On Monday, Microsoft revealed a new Azure Security Lab that cybersecurity professionals will be able to take advantage of. So, what’s hidden inside?

For starters, it’s crucial to know that the lab is isolated from the main Azure framework. This effectively does away with any hacking attempts and ensures optimal functionality. Researchers will be able to work with Microsoft’s internal team of cybersecurity experts for the benefit of all.

Microsoft has confidently invited the participants to come in and do their worst. According to the company, the lab not only allows them to study potential vulnerabilities in Microsoft Azure, but also attempt to exploit them. Of course, this is done in a safe and controlled environment.

If you want to put your cybersecurity skills to the test, the financial rewards for success can go upwards of $300,000. The Azure bounty program is also a great way to earn if you’ve got what it takes, potentially offering up to $40,000 for severe Azure vulnerability reports.

As for the Cloud Bounty payouts, they are capped at $20,000. However, the top bounties can reach $100,000, which includes the Microsoft Mitigation Bypass Bounty.

Moreover, Microsoft has now fully adopted the Safe Harbour principles. In other words, the cybersecurity researchers are now free to report any vulnerabilities without fearing legal repercussions.

Google has also taken the steps towards making their bounty programs more rewarding. Previously, a quality report only paid $15,000, but now, the numbers have doubled to $30,000.