Ways to make your IoT gadgets more secure

While the industry is on its way towards adopting more Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, it’s easy to forget the cyber security essentials and that these devices can become targeted by hackers as well. Today, we’re going to review some ways you can make them more secure and prevent this from happening.

  1. Disable UPnP

Disabling UPnP will undoubtedly make your office network more secure. However, this comes at the cost of convenience in terms of accessibility.

  1. Mac filtering

If you really want to make your security as tight as it can be, enabling MAC filtering will allow you to prevent all traffic except the specific MAC addresses you indicate.

  1. Close ports

Close all ports except the default ones, as these are not needed in most scenarios.

  1. Update your router firmware on a regular basis

You should strive to make the gaps between updates as small as possible. That way, as soon as a vulnerability gets fixed, you’ll receive the updates, rendering the exploit ineffective.

  1. Use the guest network

Assigning office devices to a guest network will hold potential malware at bay. However, they won’t be able to communicate between each other.

  1. Change the default login credentials on your router

You don’t want to make these easy for anyone to guess.

  1. Wireless isolation

Isolating your wireless devices means they won’t be able to communicate with wired devices.

Which, a consumer group, estimates there will be 21 billion connected devices by 2020. This means you should up your cyber security game right away.