Want to get Microsoft Office 365 for free?

Even though there are free alternatives available, such as LibreOffice, some people prefer the real deal. So today, we’re going to be looking at seven ways you might be able to get Office 365 for free.

  1. Free online versions

Microsoft Office 365 is available online for free, albeit a bit limited in functionality, comparatively speaking. This is a way for Microsoft to compete against Google Docs.

  1. Free mobile versions

Most mobile versions of the app are free, with the only exception being those suitable for smart tablets with larger dimensions than 10.1 inches.

  1. Educational versions

If you have a .edu email address, you can try your luck at getting it for free, even if you’re just a student. However, this only works if you school has bought an educational license.

  1. Free trial

If all you need it for is to produce one spreadsheet or document, the trial version is more than enough. However, you’ll also need to give them your credit card and not forget to cancel it later.

  1. Try again

You can get another free trial with a different email address and credit card.

  1. ProPlus trial

If you’re an enterprise customer who qualifies for the free evaluation, this is another type of free trial you can take advantage of. You can even share it with 25 of your friends.

  1. Bundled with a PC purchase

Even though this option is technically not entirely free, a copy of Microsoft Office 365 suite is worth about $99, which drives up the value of the PC you’ve bought.