Walmart chooses Microsoft Azure as their preferred cloud provider

Walmart has decided that Microsoft Azure is the best fit for their cloud computing needs. The retail giant will benefit from using the software giant’s AI and IoT tools.

In other areas, such as smart home e-commerce, Walmart has partnered with Google. However, it doesn’t seem like they want to become the partner of Amazon Web Services.

The partnership will have Walmart make use of Microsoft Azure across its infrastructure. According to Doug McMillion, CEO of Walmart, the company will benefit from Microsoft’s price optimisation and machine learning. Reportedly, Microsoft 365 also comes as part of the package.

This is not the first time that Walmart has decided to become Microsoft’s customer. Specifically, this particular partnership is about data management, AI and machine learning. The specified technologies will be used for powering internal as well as external applications.

In any case, getting Walmart on board is another big deal for Microsoft. Allegedly, the deal is supposed to last five years. For Walmart, the deal means standardising Microsoft’s cloud and migrating their apps to the cloud. The domains and are also set to move to Microsoft Azure.

Moreover, Walmart will work on their applications to make them native to the cloud. The retail giant is also planning to use Microsoft Azure’s tools for various IoT purposes, including supply chain optimisation and energy consumption.

In the future, Walmart plans to gradually roll out Microsoft 365. This is supposed to boost collaboration.