Voice enabled devices are in high demand in 2018

Recently, the Future of Retail 2018 report was released. Among the interesting details it reveals, it seems that 1 in 10 consumers want voice commands for their toilet.

Let’s look at the other findings. A total of 64% of voice-controller device users are using them at least once a week, while 18% of them are using them as frequently as three times a day or more.

Of the respondents, 39% indicated that they’ve purchased at least two voice-controlled devices, while 7% admitted to owning more than four of these devices.

Even though these voice-enabled devices are rather popular, they are not being used for handling complex tasks. Rather than using them to connect to their IoT smart home network (19%), the majority of users are using them for casual purposes (57%) like having them tell a joke or play a song.

It seems like purchasing by voice is on the rise as well. Last year, half of the respondents had used one of these devices to order something online; 36% of them say they are at least somewhat likely to do so in the next year.

The respondents noted having these devices in the following rooms:

– Living room (57%)

– Kitchen (33%)

– Master bedroom (27%)

– All bedrooms (14%)

– Bathroom (14%)

– Game room (11%)

– Other (3%)

They are looking for more hands-free commands in their:

– Car (41%)

– TVs (38%)

– In-home appliances (24%)

– Shower (19%)

Of the respondents, 21% of those who currently do not own a voice-enabled device are planning to acquire one in the next year.