Voice dictation in future releases of Microsoft Office?

A couple of days ago, Microsoft started testing how the voice dictation feature would perform when the Office Insider testers gave it a whirl. In order to access it, you must have the latest version of Microsoft Office 365 installed on your computer.

The new feature is available in the following Microsoft software:

– PowerPoint 2016

– Word 2016

– OneNote 2016

– Outlook 2016

Of course, you must be a part of the Microsoft Insider program to test it yourself. Moreover, the text-to-speech technology only recognises US English at the moment.

Originally, Microsoft announced the new feature back in January in one of its official @OfficeInsider tweets.

The executives at Microsoft are quite excited to be bringing us the new voice dictation feature, conveniently labelling it as “one of the Office Intelligent Services”. The following features have also earned the same title:

– PowerPoint Editor

– Office Tell Me

– Excel Insights

– PowerPoint Designer

– Smart Lookup pane

Microsoft has yet to elaborate on whether the technology developed by Microsoft Garage incubator was used as a base for developing Office Dictate. Originally, Dictate came in the form of an add-on for Outlook, Word, and PowerPoint. We know, for example, that Cortana used the same Dictate technology.

Anirudh Koul, a deep learning data scientist, tweeted that the experimental add-on was indeed used as the basis for the new Office Dictate. According to his claims, they developed the original prototype at a hackathon. He is excited the technology is now available in Microsoft Office without having to install anything else.