Vodafone’s stance on banning Huawei 5G telecoms tech

Recently, Vodafone issued a warning on what would happen if the government were to ban the use of Huawei’s 5G technology. Their stance is that doing so would have a negative effect on rolling out 5G in the UK.

One problematic aspect of this is that such a strict decision would delay the rollout of 5G technology, making sticking to the schedule next to impossible. Moreover, replacing the base stations set up by the Chinese manufacturer would also incur costs that could easily reach hundreds of millions of UK pounds, an expense that is not to be taken lightly.

In concrete numbers, Huawei’s technology is currently taking up around one-third of Vodafone’s base stations. In the event that the government decides to advise the businesses that using Huawei’s technology is a no-no based on the snooping claims originating from the US, this could spell out dire news for customers. It would delay their access to the much-awaited 5G technology.

According to Scott Petty, Chief Security Officer at Vodafone UK, replacing one-third of their base stations with someone else’s technology would significantly slow down the deployment of 5G. Not only that, but it would also be a very costly endeavour.

Vodafone’s official stance is that the Huawei components found in these base stations are considered low-risk. Therefore, replacing them should not be a necessity. Even if those used in high-risk situations were to be switched (such as the ones used in the transport industry), at the very least, Huawei’s technology should not be problematic to use as part of the network structure.