Vodafone’s drone detection system to become fully operational by autumn

Vodafone has developed a drone detection system. With it, the group seeks to reach into the IoT marketplace.

The system has an important function of preventing rogue devices from interfering with prisons, power plants, and other buildings. If all goes according to plan, it should be available by autumn. Vodafone is targeting the type of customers who need help with protecting sensitive locations like factories, airports and power stations.

In recent times, security concerns regarding drones being used for malicious purposes seem to be on the rise. French officials, for example, suspect that the prison break that happened about a week ago was aided and made possible by a drone scouting session that took place prior to the event.

Anne Sheehan from Vodafone UK promises that the company aims to use the drone tracking technology to thwart various drone intrusions at sensitive locations, including:

– Military bases

– Prisons

– Energy installations

– Public events

– Airports

The system will utilise Vodafone’s IoT network, as well as sensors and CCTV cameras. As soon as it detects a drone, both Vodafone and the customer will be alerted of a possible intruder. The system could also be used to track down the location of the person who’s operating the drone.

In the future, Vodafone is looking to develop a control system for professional drones. At the time of writing, the company officials have already had some successful meetings with the European aviation safety authorities to bring them closer to that goal.