Vodafone uses IoT to recover stolen cars

Thanks to the connectivity that IoT allows for, Vodafone has been able to recover almost 1,000 stolen cars since the induction of this system. The same technology has allowed them to assist kids who can’t go to school, as well as for keeping track of beer kegs.

Vodafone’s global IoT play is solving real-life problems all around the world. For example, by attaching IoT sensors to beer kegs, it’s possible to make sure that they don’t get lost, stolen, or go missing due to other reasons.

A company who is using Vodafone Australia’s narrowband IoT, Binary Beer, had their CEO Michael Burton expanded on the benefits of this new system, stating that is was beneficial to the brewer, in terms of making decisions on how best to optimise the supply chain, and also in relation to having recall beer if it hasn’t been stored correctly.

IoT technology also makes it simpler to trace a stolen car. Instead of waiting for months on end, it’s now possible to track it down within a single day by using artificial intelligence to detect anomalies. That’s how powerful integrated connectivity in cars has become.

Finally, numerous children are unable to attend school due to a chronic illness or condition. Vodafone stated that these kids often use a special robot that serves as their avatar; by using it, they can stay connected to school, sport, and leisure environments.

The main point of this is to improve the quality of our lives, solve challenges, and optimise processes. Without a doubt, Vodafone is using IoT technology to great avail.