Vodafone UK to switch on 5G in July

It appears we are only a couple of months away from 5G becoming the golden standard in UK. The 3rd of July is going to be a big day, because seven cities in the UK will finally get the long-awaited new standard of mobile connectivity.

With that, Vodafone UK has become the very first operator to announce the switch-on date.

5G will soon become available in the following seven cities:

– Manchester

– Bristol

– London

– Cardiff

– Liverpool

– Glasgow

– Birmingham

In terms of pricing, 5G will not be any more expensive than 4G. Meanwhile, Vodafone UK announced the following 5G-compatible devices:

– Huawei Mate 20 X 5G and Samsung S10 5G (both available for preorder this month)

– Xiaomi Mi Mix 5G 3 5G (available from the 23rd of May through Vodafone)

– Huawei Mate X (available this summer)

Naturally, all of these are designed to be 4G-compatible as well.

Nick Jeffery, CEO at Vodafone UK, revealed that they started working on the 5G project three years ago. He is proud to be the first to announce 5G roaming, allowing businesses across UK to increase productivity. Moreover, they will be able to attract investors as well.

In the process, as Jeffery explained, they were able to upgrade their masts, so the 5G launch will unfold as planned and without unwelcome disruptions. As for the public sector, he is convinced this should lead to an improvement in healthcare, housing and social services.