Vodafone UK is partnering up with Onecom

Recently, a partnership between Vodafone UK and Onecom was revealed. According to the statistics, this is the largest one yet, with a combined business estimate of £600m for the two companies.

Last month, a £30m funding deal with HSBC was announced, and the deal with Onecom is the next one in succession. It is estimated that Vodafone will deliver £100m on an annual basis, all from services such as mobile, broadband, fixed line and IT.

Onecom, the company known for providing telecommunications services for small and medium-sized businesses, expects to triple its growth in fixed line services.

Vodafone is planning to roll out 5G technology on the 3rd of July. According to the research undertaken by Onecom, as much as 64% of small businesses could upgrade to the new technology within six months of its availability.

Ben Dowd, the leading man at Onecom, believes the new partnership is evidence of the company’s performance and ambition for growth. He is proud to have established a partnership with some of the world’s leading brands. Part of the success, as he believes, is thanks to providing communications solutions that impact their customers on a local, regional, as well as international level.

He thinks that, by renewing this partnership, Vodafone has recognised what they’ve contributed to growing mobile revenues and IoT. Finally, he praised their award-winning customer services. He is also content with reaching their goal of offering the best-in-class converged data, mobile and IT solutions that are custom-tailored to meet the needs of small and medium-sized business owners.